About me

About me

Touring in the Mongolian Taiga, August 2010

I am a PhD candidate in the School of Botany at The University of Melbourne. I previously completed a Master of Environment from which I gained an integrated perspective on emerging environmental issues.

My thinking style straddles the metaphorical left and right cerebral hemispheres, and accordingly, my research interests are spread across quantitative and qualitative practices. They cover a broad spectrum of topics relevant to the intersection between science and policy. My work to date has focused on biodiversity conservation, ecosystem management and population modelling. Ultimately, my motivation is to make a notable contribution to the benefit of biodiversity by contributing to the knowledge on how to improve communication and knowledge transfer between science and policy/practice.

Outside of my research, I enjoy the arts and various creative pursuits, and as an unexpected offshoot of my research activities, have discovered a new passion for learning how to build websites.